A world of chaos, devoid of all signs of life.

A ray of light flows through, creating shadows,

A clock tower formed from the intersection of light and shadow, and 'time' flowed from it.

A dazzling sun rose in the sky,

Green grass began to grow on the barren land.

Trees grew and forests sprang up,

and birds sang softly.

And finally, the Children of the Sun were born.

Their red eyes sparkled more beautifully than the warmth of the sun.

The Children of the Sun called the clock tower that had existed since time immemorial, before their birth, the “Tower of DimeTime”. It was said that its unique light could be seen anywhere in the world.

However, its light could not last forever.

Dilapidated Tower of DimeTime can no longer hold time and shatters.

In a world where time has stopped and the shadows of chaos have fallen, all living things have fallen asleep, but the will to light remained in the red eyes of the Children.

The Children of the Sun set out to restore the power of the clock tower.

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