Tokibune is the game-fi element of DimeTime, where users sail around the ocean for a set amount of time to collect game currency.

Tokibune Basic Information

Tokibune has the concept of levels and durability.

Durability decreases with the amount of time you spend focused, and if it drops below 20%, you will no longer be able to set sail. Durability can be restored using PoT or certain in-app items.

Levels range from 1 to 20, and as you level up, the stats of your attributes increase.

Tokibune Attributes

  • Capacity : The load is the maximum amount of PoT that can be earned in a single timer run. If the amount of PoT collected by the Children of the Sun at the end of the timer exceeds the load, the excess will not be earned.

  • Speed : Speed affects the number of DTCs and PoTs that can be earned per timer run.

  • Stability : The higher the resilience stat, the lower the durability reduction. Resilience limits the amount of reduction to a maximum of 30%.

  • Seaworthiness : Seaworthiness is a hidden attribute that will be revealed in the official launch version and will be utilized for social features.

Tokibune Rarity

There are five grades of Tokibune: Common-Uncommon-Rare-Epic-Legendary.

Different grades have different base stats, different gains as you level up, and different amounts of time you can set at the maximum level.

Note: The detailed figures are subject to change by rebalancing.

Genesis Tokibune

Early contributors to the DimeTime community can earn the following Genesis Tokibune.

  • Community Early Contributor: A cloud-shaped bottom design will be applied.

  • Mint Participants: A clockwork bottom design will be applied.

  • OASYX Collaboration Winners: OASYX flame bottom design will be applied.

  • Others: A flame-shaped bottom design will be applied.

Genesis Tokibune corresponds to token IDs 1-9999 and is distinguished from regular Tokibune by its appearance through the bottom design.

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