PoT stands for "Piece of Time" and is DimeTime's in-game money. Like DTC, it can be earned through in-app activities and is used to purchase in-app items that are designed to make DimeTime fun for users who are not familiar with the WEB3 economic system.


  • Purchase an in-app item: You can purchase four in-app items that can be used to run the timer.


Wavy sack

A consumable in-app item that temporarily increases your capacity when the timer runs.

Muzuiro Compass

A consumable in-app item required to earn DTCs when the timer runs.

Map of Dawn

A consumable in-app item that grants a portion of the collected Pot when you fail to focus.

Shadow Hammer

A consumable in-app item used to repair Tokibune durability.

  • Durability Repair: The amount of time you spend focusing during the timer will be used to repair your reduced durability.

  • Purchase wallpaper: wallpaper is an item that can be used as a wallpaper when the timer is running and consists of a concept image and BGM.

  • Tokibune Level-up: Used to level up Tokibune with DTCs.

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